Author Topic: EasyEDA uCurrent design with JLC STM assembly available parts  (Read 184 times)

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Hello, I am new to this forum. I entered in contest of building a low power device and now I have a problem with measuring the current my device pulls. Due to limited funds I decided to make my own uCurrent based of Daves rev 5. schematic and parts available on JLC PCB STM assembly service. And I ran into few problems, there are no precision resistors so I had to pick first tolerance next to specified, instead of having 0.05% tolerance and 10ppm temperature coefficient I picked 0.1% tolerance and 25ppm temperature coefficient and they didnt have MAX4239 (high bandwidth) so I picked MAX4238(low bandwidth). Will these choices greatly affect device ability to measure current? And I wasnt able to find DP3T L203011MS02Q switch that Dave used in his design so would like to use  JS203011AQN or  JS203011CQN but I am not sure whether to use them or not because the datasheets don t look the same. L203011MS02Q has 4 neighbour pins connected and JS203011AQN , JS203011CQN have their pins different, my question here is can I plug in switches I found without changing pin order or schematic?

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