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Odd behavior placing wires on pins


Occasional user of Kicad.   I had been working on a schematic with  a dozen symbols.   I had run the power wires to all, and a few other signals.    But, earlier on, through the process creating one of the symbols, I ended with a _1 name.   I wanted to change it to no _1, so I made sure I had one in the library.   I kicked the tires trying to figure it out, and ended deleting the symbol and placing the one I wanted.

Some how, related or not, I am running into problems running wires out of pins.   Some times It places a junction on the pin, or all you can see are the small squares...  Is like they are in a different universe.

Just wondering what I  am doing wrong wrong.

Maybe try going into symbol editor and changing the direction of the pins.

This is 99.99% related to the grid mismatch. Carefully check that coordinates of the pin are exactly on the grid and not moved by some small fraction.

That was it.   

Thank you Alex.

The grid issue is much less severe than it used to be in KiCad, but it's still present.

In KiCad V6 there is a relatively quick way to fix it.
First set your grid to "50" (or other coarse grid that has an inter division factor of 50) then select everything on the schematic, press the right mouse button and then select "Align elements to Grid" from the popup menu.


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