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Finding 3D Models (at Samtec)
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:39:09 pm »
Bothered with finding 3D (.STEP) models?  This may help:

- If you have a Samtec catalog handy, it's a lot easier.  Their website is dreadfully slow and painful to browse.  Sorry about that...

- Their 3D models are available from their FTP,
but don't go there, it's a massive index (over a meg!) and takes forever to load, every time.

So, save the index as text, and find the file you're looking for offline.

I suggest looking through the catalog for something of interest (e.g., TSW headers), then searching on a partial part number (e.g., TSW-108 = TSW series, 08 pins per row), and checking in that range if your desired part (or similar) is listed.  The models are generic (e.g., plating is always -X-) so you can't simply enter a part number straightaway, and guessing the complete filename is unlikely.

- Yes this is specific for Samtec, but a lot of the parts they make are compatible, or industry standards (like headers and junk).  So even if you're buying, like, a Harwin or Assmann (snicker) part that doesn't have a 3D model (or may, but you have to trudge through the manufacturer's website to find it), you might find something close enough, even if you aren't buying Samtec.

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