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PCB cad software in the far east


what software is in use over there ?
The reason for asking : if you look at crcuit boards commonly made by Sony, Harman-kardon, Onkyo, Clarion , as used in TV , refrigerator, microwaves and other household , audio/video ( i am not talking complex boards like fro tablets and smartphones ).
These boards are often single-sided  ,use wire straps as 'bridges' , and they all have a very unique (read 'different') look from your traditional board layout tools like altium / cadence / mentor.

The fonts are unique , the routing style is different , there is (or was) often complex silkscreen ont he solder side showing parts symbols, designators.
Even their schematic drawing style is totally different from what we are used to. look in service manuals from Technics, Marantz , onkyo .. that is a very special style.

Certain boards are 'breakable'. after running through the wave soldering machine the board is broken and installed in the chassis. during wave soldering wire harnesses are soldered in one show so when you break the board it is already connected.
The schematic drawings reflect that. Netnames on broken pieces remain the same , so somehow these tools are capable of understanding that the net travels through an-off board wire and do not throw a fit of having a broken net.
The same thing is also true for the wire straps. the tool is capable of shooting these in the pcb without having to alter the schematic. it need sto follow rules pertaining to the length of such a strap as the machine that stitches them needs presets. and the pick and place file need to have their coordinates.

So this kind of layout software has abilities we are not used to in traditional pcb cad software.

I am curious to know what software that is.

Do we have anyone on here that uses , or knows someone that uses, PCB software at those companies ?
I foudn a couple of 'homegrown japanese market' tools

Zuken CR8000
Zuken Cr5000
Yokogawa Cadvance Alpha-III ( end of life end of 2020 -> bought out by zuken and killed off)
Unicraft OPUSER

This one does teardropping on the fly. also the interactive router has unique skills like equidistant breakout . They have lots of demo videos. ( you can click the little circles under the video to see various demos.
CADLUS One www.cadlus.com

This one looks very interesting as it can do codesign of asic, substrates, wirebond, chip on board and board and trace the nets through all the elements.
FIRST http://www.first-cad.com/products1/products1_top__en.html


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