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PCB design ideas for "Pinstrapping", "Bootstrapping", ETCstrapping via hardware


Hello everyone,

I'm currently designing a board in which multiple IC's need to configured by strapping  (the practice of tying pins high or low based on configuration requirements).  I'm trying to opt out of buying expensive DIP switches, and was wondering what other people's elegant solutions to the problem were.  I want to be able to have the choice of changing the configuration in the future, so both high/low options need to be available on the PCB.  Current ideas include just placing 3 pads in banks while using the pull-up/down resistors as jumpers.


Pull-up resistors plus jumpers to short to ground is the easiest way to go.  Better to include a pull up or down resistor than to leave it floating if no jumper is installed.

If you don't need to reconfigure a given board, you can just solder bridge the jumper pads rather than installing the jumper pins.  You would do this not to save installing the jumper, but if you didn't one someone (i.e., future you) to accidentally change the jumper settings.


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