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PCB Led board layout for my new bigger UV-LED-box

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Seems to me those boards from Roth Electronik are a more expensive solution than getting ready made PCBs. That and more work than PCBs as well.

Regarding PCBs and thermal management, you might find these two app notes interesting:


I kinda disagree with the more work part.

I guess it depends if you already have the chemicals to etch boards or solder paste and oven/some heating solution to solder surface mount resistors.
Or if you have the patience to wait a couple of weeks to get some custom pcbs made.

I'm looking at sleemanj's pictures and I can't see myself soldering those smt resistors on the pcb, I'd waste a lot of time doing it manually and I'd get bored with it.

In contrast, I'd just use one of those plastic lead former tools to just prepare some 1/8w resistors in advance to the same lead size, stick the leds in the holes evenly spaced, flip the pcb and start soldering.  And I can use the leads I cut from resistor to make jumpers between two 3-hole pads and form power buses where needed.  Or I can just get some solid core network cable, strip the insulation and solder the wire across the pads i want to connect together on the other side. Super fast and easy.

And in the case of first proto board pictured in my previous post, being symmetrical on all sides and covering the whole 160x100mm, it would be easy to connect them together with straight or 90 degree 0.1" connectors.

5 pounds, 7.5 dollars... it's a bit expensive. As mrflibble says, you can get 10 pcs 150x100 for $48, it would cost you 75$ for 10 such protoboards, about 80$ with shipping.. but I can get them to my door in 2 days while i'd wait three-four weeks for itead.
But you don't have to buy them from farnell, you should find the model with a bit of search on ebay.

lead forming tool mentioned:


I have done two cards with veroboards. Wiring was extremely time consuming. Perhaps I could have done it faster with a better layout.  Took me many hours to finish them :o

My etched board was a piece of cake, excluding the drilling part. Soldering ~50 SMT resistors with a stereoscope, solder paste and a good soldering iron took only a few minutes.

Received the PCB from circuit-mart.com today. All in all the cost of the boards was roughly $75 for 20 pcs 10cm^2, and that included express shipping. I had them in under a week.

Had but to try one, and they seem to work pretty good. Have yet to check the entire batch

Thanks for all the input guys :-+


I am building an experimental luminaire and would really appreciate the gerbers for these PCBs - could you please kindly share?

Thank you in advance!!


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