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pcb-rnd, Gentoo overlay (sci-electronics/pcb-rnd)


version 2.1.1

Elisabeth and I have just created an ebuild (rev C), it has been tested on { ppc, hppa }, and it requires these two patches

besides, it requires these use flags, in /etc/portage/package.use/eda

--- Code: ---sci-electronics/gerbv     doc examples -static-libs unit-mm
sci-electronics/pcb-rnd   -cairo gtk motif -opengl xrender gcode gerber

--- End code ---

The installed programs will come with two GUIs: gtk and openmotif!
If you want opengl hardware support, you need to enable the opengl flag.

We (at DTB) are not affiliated with Gentoo, but we are unofficial supporters for non-x86 machines.

We will try to support future versions of pcb-rnd as soon as released.

Wow. Thank you for doing this!

Thanks also from our project leader Igor2.

we have just enhanced a bit the ebuild (rev E) and added a userflag table.


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