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pcb-rnd 2.0.1
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:35:27 pm »
From the mailing list "
Hi all,

I'm proud to announce our new stable release, version 2.0.1, for the 5th
birthday of pcb-rnd (on 30th August). Thanks to all the fellow developers and

pcb-rnd is an independent printed circuit board editor, compatible with

VCS: svn://
IRC: port=6667 channel=#pcb-rnd

Among all the cleanups in this release I'd highlight two: rendering speedup and
the new action/scripting API. We again support 10 different embedded scripting
languages, but now we have the same, typed, binary action API for user actions
(and menus and hotkeys) that we have for scripting.

We also have a bunch of minor new featuers, from which I find ddraft, our new 2
dimensional drafting plugin and CAM exporting the most important two. These
will really speed up using pcb-rnd in some cases (e.g. drawing footprints and
doing "unusual" exports). We also have a more usable export dialog that handles
the dynamically growing number of export formats well.

Plans for the next development cycle: introduce "documentation" layers and
improve scripting further.

Best regards,


P.S. more detailed release notes:

pcb-rnd 2.0.1

Focus of this release is infrastructural cleanups, bugfixes
and GUI rendering optimization. The new features added in this
release are all about extending the infrastructure to get the
flexibility of pcb-rnd to the next level.

New feature highlights:

1. Cam exporting interface: a simple, unified interface to tell
any exporter what layers to export to what file names.

2. Command line modes: the command line interpreter can be switched
to interpret syntax different from pcb actions.

3. Scripting support upgrade to using fungw (10 scripting languages,
including awk, python, perl, ruby, javascript, lisp). Support for
switching the command line into script mode using any of the
supported scripting languages (the user can enter script one-liners directly).

4. ddraft: angle/length constraint actions and GUI, trim() and split() actions,
a new command line mode with a syntax designed for 2d drafting. Similar
to those in mechanical cads, with actions to draw lines perpendicular or
parallel to existing lines.

5. Command line GUI upgrade: more seamless integration of command line
editing and mouse actions.

6. New, single-stage, non-modal export dialog with tabs available exporters
(also available in lesstif).

7. Import plugin: freepcb netlist - schematics from EasyEDA can be imported

8. Persistent layer color, saved with the board. Layer colors from the
configuration are used only as initial color for new layers."

PPS: Sorry about not posting here more often I have been a bit snowed under of late. We had a lot releases where I only got time to post long after the release was done making it kind of pointlessly old news.
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Re: pcb-rnd 2.0.1
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2018, 01:26:09 pm »
Pretty nice, I didn't know about pcb-rnd until reading this post just now (31 Dec 2018). Lucky I found it today or I'd have to wait until next year ;-)

It compiled nicely on FreeBSD 11.2 allowing me to check out the features, ... so many new things!

I'm a long term PCB user, gEDA examples used to have (may still have) a demo board I submitted a long time ago but I haven't actually designed a new PCB for about 7 years .

Thanks for making this fork available, I plan to make a PCB soon, and will definitely give pcb-rnd a try.


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