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pcb-rnd 2.2.4 release


From the mailing list;

"Hi all,

pcb-rnd 2.2.4 is available from the download page. (Windows binaries will
follow later.)

Project page: http://pcb-rnd.repo.hu

The next development cycle will focus on going on with the librnd
separation and finishing the high freq DRC addons.

Release notes for 2.2.4:

pcb-rnd 2.2.4

This version is mainly a cleanup release that makes the next major step
in librnd separation. It also features important infrastructural improvements.

Feature highlight:

1. Librnd separation
   Split the SVN repositories, librnd is in a separate repository
   and can be compiled stand-alone (but for this release, it's still
   spread across pcb-rnd source tree in forms of svn:externs).

2. Menu patching
   Be able to load menu files and menu patches and merge them runtime.
   This allows plugins and user patch files to make modifications to the
   menu, without having to edit and then maintain diffs of the central menu

3. Generic support for external autorouters
   A new plugin that supports both "single click/action" CLI and GUI for
   export-execute-import iterations using external autorouters such as

4. Import plugins for four new netlist file formats
   Including: Accel EDA, Orcad, PADS and Protel netlists.

Best regards,



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