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Are there any PCB manufacturers in the UK that can offer a service to the "hobbyist" in the way that JLCPCB, etc. do?

I mean a fairly low cost for say, ten simple two-sided boards.


I tried to find one a couple of years back and min turnaround was over £200 for a single board.

Just hit JLCPCB. If it’s for personal use you can make your own if your time isn’t too valuable.

It might help if you say what your idea of "fairly low cost" means to you and what board size you're talking about...

As an example PCB Train (Newbury Electronics) online calculator shows for 10 5pcs 50x160mm 2-sided at £170 for 5-day turnaround or £113 for 10-day. As a comparison I just ordered 5pcs of the same from JLPCB which cost me a grand total of £8.57 and took about 10 days to arrive.

So, I'd forget it.

Edit: corrected qty

Yeh, your not gonna beat far east pricing, even including DHL DDP.
This is probably one of the better value UK manufacturers.

I gave up trying to find a UK-based PCB manufacturer for small quantities and prototypes too.

I'm all for the idea of paying "a bit more" to support UK manufacturing industry, but in this case it's never "a bit". It's "add a zero and then some".

Fact is, my business *is* UK manufacturing, and so are my customers. I just regard the bare PCB as a component just like any other, and no longer feel I "should" be using a UK PCB supplier any more than I feel I "should" be using UK-fabricated semiconductors.


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