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PCB with Virtex 5 FPGA's

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Hey all,

I have this PCB with some large virtex FPGAs that I am trying to access over a JTAG. I need to power the board but I don't have the schematics and I am not sure of the voltage or current. Can anyone hazard a guess ?


Thank You

My guess would be based on the label on the Delta DC-DC converter. My guess is that the switcher on the right of it produces a lower voltage from the 5V for the FPGA core.

Thats what I was thinking but look here


It seems there are some 125v components (yellow) by the 4 pin power plug.

Nothing strange about a fuse with some overhead in the rated voltage. Unless there is another converter between the Delta one and the power input (unlikely, why would someone go through the trouble of converting mains to ~40VDC?), I think it's safe to assume that the specs on the label are correct.

Are you confident the yellow components in the photo are fuses ?

If that is the case then where can I get a power supply for this unit ? Are there cheap variable power supplies I can pick up ? If so is there a particular model that is reliable ?

Can I buy a power supply specific to this units requirements ? Is that an ebay job or is there a catalog somewhere ?

Is it typical to supply dc direct into a board such as this ? How do I discover the polarity ? Since its a backplane it may not have reverse polarity protection.


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