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Keysight's ADS is used for PCB layout aswell. I myself have used it a lot for RF microstrip filters (And other filters). Perhaps worth adding to the list?

You might want to take a look at Horizon:
I think it can become a decent EDA software.

Please consider adding VeroRoute to your list of programs for stripboard/perfboard.
It's written by me.  The larger the user base, the quicker it will improve.

I clicked on the link for Copper Connection, because I hadn't checked on it in a while, and it looks like it now belongs to ExpressPCB: https://www.expresspcb.com/CopperConnection/

They say they'll have it updated to work with ExpressPCB manufacturing within 60 days, but there's no start date on the page that I could find. All Copper Connection customers can get a free lifetime ExpressPCB Engineer Membership, which gets you 10% off some stuff and "free Gerber files". They also say that the current Copper Connection will continue to work, and apparently they'll even provide replacement keys for the current version in case you lose yours.

Horizon looks interesting. The user experience looks like it's better than KiCad, which is enough for me to hopefully never try KiCad a second time. It tries to do things "the right way", some of which I like and some of which I'm not sure about. A couple of examples: 1. It's netlist-aware in editing, which sounds nice because I like netlists for reverse engineering. But it doesn't consider identically named netlists connected, which sounds like it could make netlist-based RE more difficult. 2. Apparently it doesn't allow you to use generic parts that aren't associated with an actual part number, which seems like it would make going from ideas to schematics very inconvenient because it sounds like you'd have to stop your schematic drawing workflow to look up and decide on every single part before you can draw it. Anyway, maybe I'll try it.

LibrePCB of librepcb.org released this December. May be it will turn into popular free EDA tool.


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