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I just joined this blog and found your post and can advise the following:
EasyEDA also has a desktop version available for install on Win 10 machines at least.  I have it on my Win10 PC
Autodesk Eagle has now been rolled into Autodesk Fusion360 and is accessed from the Fusion360 GUI.  I believe Eagle is still available as a standalone but expect it will eventually become unavailable as Fusion is Autodesk's preferred application.
Hope this helps and great list by the way.


--- Quote from: elCap on June 07, 2011, 02:16:15 pm ---Hi all,
I was looking for PCB software to test and eventually use. This is the list of suppliers I ended up with. Please add what's missing and correct mistakes.

Free/Open source
CircuitMaker (Altium) - http://www.circuitmaker.com/
DesignSpark (RS comp) - http://www.designspark.com/
EasyEDA - http://easyEDA.com/editor (web based)
FreePCB - http://www.freepcb.com/
Fritzing - http://fritzing.org/
gEDA - http://www.geda-project.org/
KiCAD - http://kicad.org/
Minimal Board Editor - http://www.suigyodo.com/online/e/index.htm (English, Japanese)
Open Circuit Design - http://opencircuitdesign.com/
Orcad DOS (old) - http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/OldDosOrcad/
OrCAD Lite (Cadence) - http://www.orcad.com/products/orcad-lite-overview
PCB Elegance - http://www.pcbelegance.com/
PCBWeb Designer - http://www.pcbweb.com/ (Windows only)
Protel (Altium) AutoTrax/EasyTrax (DOS Based) - http://www.altium.com/community/downloads/en/downloads_home.cfm
TCI - http://b.urbani.free.fr/ (French)
ZenitPCB - http://www.zenitpcb.com/Index.html

Limited free version
CADint - http://www.cadint.se/p_free.asp
Cadstar Express (Zuken) - http://www.zuken.com/products/cadstar/downloads/express.aspx
CometCAD - http://www.cometcad.com/
DipTrace - http://www.diptrace.com/
Eagle (Autodesk) - http://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/overview
Layo1 PCB - http://www.baas.nl/layo1pcb/uk/downloads.htm
McCAD - http://www.mccad.com/index.html
OrCad (Cadence) - http://www.orcad.com
Osmond PCB - http://www.osmondpcb.com/index.html (Only PCB)
TopoR - http://eda.eremex.com/
WinQcad - http://www.winqcad.com/

Allegro (Cadence) - http://www.cadence.com/products/pcb/Pages/default.aspx
Altium - http://www.altium.com/
Ariadne - http://www.cad-ul.de/ariadne-eda.html (German)
AutoTRAX DEX 2020 - http://www.dex2020.com, https://kov.com/
Bartels AutoEngineer - http://www.bartels.de/bae/bae_en.htm (English, German)
BoardMaker3 - http://www.tsien.info/index.php#
Board Station (Mentor) - http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/design-flows/boardstation/
CADint - http://www.cadint.se/products.asp
Cadstar (Zuken) - http://www.zuken.com/products/cadstar
CIRCAD - http://www.holophase.com/index.html
CircuitCREATOR - http://www.circuitcreator.com/creator/index.htm
Circuit Studio (Altium) - http://www.circuitstudio.com/
Circuit Wizard, PCB wizard - http://www.new-wave-concepts.com/products.html
CometCAD - http://www.cometcad.com/
CSiEDA - http://www.csieda.co.jp/en/csieda/ (Japanese, English)
DipTrace - http://www.diptrace.com/
Douglas CAD/CAM - http://www.douglas.com/software/pro/prolayout.html
Dreamcad - http://www13.ocn.ne.jp/~dreamnet/ (Japanese)
Eagle (Autodesk) - http://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/overview
Easy-PC - http://www.numberone.com/easypc.asp
EDWinXP - http://www.visionics.a.se/index.html
Expedition Enterprise (Mentor) - http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/design-flows/expedition-enterprise/
ICADPCB (Fujitsu) - http://www.fujitsu.com/my/services/software/business/icad_thirdpage.html
Layo1 PCB - http://www.baas.nl/layo1pcb/uk/index.html
McCAD - http://www.mccad.com/index.html
OrCAD (Cadence) - http://www.orcad.com/
Osmond PCB - http://www.osmondpcb.com/index.html (Only PCB)
Pads (Mentor) - http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/design-flows/pads/
Pantheon PCB software (Intercept) - http://www.intercept.com/products/pantheon-pcb-design
PollEx PCB/Polliwog - http://www.polliwogeda.com/xe_new/
Proteus PCB Design - http://www.labcenter.com/products/pcb_overview.cfm
Pulsonix - http://pulsonix.com/index.asp
Quadcept - https://www.quadcept.com/en/index.html
Rimu Schematics/PCB - http://www.hutson.co.nz/
Scooter PCB - http://www.scooter-pcb.de/scooter-pcb/index.html (German)
Sprint-Layout - http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/sprint-layout.html
SuperCAD/SuperPCB - http://www.mentala.com/products.htm
Target 3001 - http://www.ibfriedrich.com/ (English, German, French)
TINA (DesignSoft) - http://www.tina.com
TopoR - http://eda.eremex.com/
Ultiboard (National Instruments) - http://www.ni.com/ultiboard/
Upverter - https://upverter.com/ (free for open source projects)
Vutrax - http://www.vutrax.co.uk/index.htm
WinCircuit - http://alain.michel13.free.fr/Anglais.html
WinQcad - http://www.winqcad.com/
XL designer (Seetrax) - http://www.xldesigner.com/
Zuken - http://www.zuken.com/en

Free SW for PCB order service (no gerber files export)
ECAD Pro - http://www.pcbdesignandfab.com/ (gerber files $25/board)
ExpressPCB - http://www.expresspcb.com/
Pad 2 Pad - http://www.pad2pad.com
PCB123 - http://www.sunstone.com/PCB123-CAD-Software.aspx (gerber files $100/board)
PCB Artist - http://www.4pcb.com/free-pcb-layout-software/
Target 3001 (PCB Pool edition) - http://www.pcb-pool.com/ppuk/service_downloads.html (gerber with proto)

Schematic Capture
sPlan - http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/splan.html
TinyCAD - http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/tinycad/index.php?title=TinyCAD
XCircuit - http://opencircuitdesign.com/xcircuit/

Gerber tools
3D Gerber Viewer (online) - http://mayhewlabs.com/3dpcb
Circuit people online Gerber viewer - http://circuitpeople.com/
DFM Now! - http://www.numericalinnovations.com/pages/dfm-now-free-gerber-viewer
GCPrevue (Graphicode) - http://www.graphicode.com/Download_GC-Prevue_and_Free_Trials
GerberLogix - http://www.easylogix.de/products_detail.php?prog_id=1
gerbv - http://gerbv.sourceforge.net/
McCAD - http://www.mccad.com/FREE_GerberViewer.html
Online Gerber-Viewer - http://www.gerber-viewer.com/
Tracespace - http://viewer.tracespace.io/ (online viewer)
ViewMate - http://www.pentalogix.com/viewmate.php (Free & Commercial versions)
Viewplot - http://www.viewplot.com/
ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer - http://www.zofzpcb.com/

PCB panelizing
CAM 350 - http://www.downstreamtech.com/CAM350XL.html
FAB 3000 - http://www.numericalinnovations.com/fab3000.html

Stripboard/Veroboard layout tools
DIY Layout Creator - http://diy-fever.com/software/
LochMaster - http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/lochmaster.html
Stripboard Designer - http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Misc__Graphics_Tools/StripBoard_Designer.html
Stripboard Magic - http://www.marlwifi.org.nz/other/stripboard-magic
Stripes - http://sites.google.com/site/libby8dev/stripes
VeeCAD - http://veecad.com/
VeroCAD - http://xtronic.org/download/verocad-3-veroboard/
VeroDes - http://www.heyrick.co.uk/software/verodes/

Simulation - Free
5Spice - http://www.5spice.com/ (not free for commercial use)
Cider - http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/pubs/downloads/cider/index.htm
CircuitLab.com - https://www.circuitlab.com/ (Online only)
Circuit Simulator Applet - http://www.falstad.com/circuit/ (iPad/iPhone version available, iCircuit - NOT FREE)
Logisim - http://ozark.hendrix.edu/~burch/logisim/
LTpsiceIV (Linear Technology) - http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/
Mindi (Microchip) - http://www.microchip.com/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=1406&dDocName=en537206
Ngspice - http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/screens.html
Qucs - http://qucs.sourceforge.net/
SimOne - http://eda.eremex.com/ (limited)
Systemvision - https://www.systemvision.com/ (cloud)
TINA-TI (Texas Instruments version) - http://www.ti.com/tool/tina-ti
XSPICE - http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~mrichard/Xspice/

Simulation - Commercial
Advanced Design System, ADS (Keysight) - http://www.keysight.com/en/pc-1297113/advanced-design-system-ads?nid=-34346.0&cc=US&lc=eng
AIM Spice - http://www.aimspice.com/
B2 Spice (Beige Bag) - http://www.beigebag.com/
Circuit Wizard - http://www.new-wave-concepts.com/products.html
EveryCircuit - http://everycircuit.com/ (online or app. limited free usage available)
ICAP/4, etc.. - http://www.intusoft.com/default.htm (Limited Free version available)
Micro Cap - http://www.spectrum-soft.com/index.shtm (Limited Free version available)
NI Multisim (National Instruments) - http://www.ni.com/multisim/
NL5 Circuit Simulator - http://nl5.sidelinesoft.com/
PartSim - http://www.partsim.com/ (online)
Plecs - http://www.plexim.com/
PSpice (Cadence) - http://www.cadence.com/products/orcad/pspice_simulation/pages/default.aspx (Limited Free version available)
SIMetrix - http://www.simetrix.co.uk/ (demo available)
Super Spice (Anasoft) - http://www.anasoft.co.uk/ (Limited Free version available)
TINA - http://www.tina.com/English/tina/start.php
TopSpice - http://penzar.com/topspice/topspice.htm (Limited Free version available)
Via Designer - http://www.viadesigner.com/
WinSpice - http://www.winspice.com/

Openboardview, PCB viewer - http://openboardview.org/
Front panel: Frontdesigner - http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/frontdesigner.html
Front panel: Front Panel Express - http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/index.html
CAD: DraftSight - http://www.3ds.com/products/draftsight/overview/
CAD: Free CAD - http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/
VLSI Design: http://www.staticfreesoft.com/index.html

--- End quote ---

Where is LTSPICE? It has the most-awful (yep, made that one up) GUI, it is literally THE OPPOSITE of all common sense of all GUIs, but hey, for some reason I use it.


--- Quote from: www.MKRD.info on September 24, 2022, 10:54:25 pm ---
--- Quote from: elCap on June 07, 2011, 02:16:15 pm ---
Simulation - Free
LTpsiceIV (Linear Technology) - http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/

--- End quote ---

Where is LTSPICE? It has the most-awful (yep, made that one up) GUI, it is literally THE OPPOSITE of all common sense of all GUIs, but hey, for some reason I use it.

--- End quote ---

Strg+F or ophthalmologist ;)

Great list. Are there major feature comparison matrices available somewhere for these different categories (OS/free, commercial, etc.)?

The gerber viewer from Ucamco is not yet in the list:


Quite strange, as they are the maintainer of the Gerber format, which implies their reference gerber viewer should be quite good (on compatibility, not on features).

Ucamco also has the standard as freely downloadable pdf's


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