Author Topic: Pls feed back my PCB design : PIC12F uC project  (Read 1273 times)

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Pls feed back my PCB design : PIC12F uC project
« on: November 13, 2015, 06:32:59 am »
It is "minerald measure by led light intensity" , basicly it more minerald in water then lower impedance, then more voltage drop. So I measure voltage through ADC > PIC12F > PWM to drive LED by MOSFET. More minerald , bright light. Less minerald , dim light.

I use through-hole component due to easy to find components and fast hand soldering , coz I may do it later 10-20-30 units.
I want it low price so my plan is not to use silk-screen , no solder-mask (or "maybe" consider green/black) only PCB with tin-coat.

1. How is trace layout?  - as of I reading from internet I try to put as wide trace as I can and try to dense components as they can. And I try to layout it shortly distance.
2. How is copper-pour? - I try put trace on top-layer as much as I can , try to separate analog pour , digital pour and connect it in the middle (I categories opamp , linear supply as analog part and uC , mosfet drive , led as digital part)
3. How is component layout? - I try to group it like , uc part , supply part , opamp part , then route it separately then bring the group into the board then route the finish.
4. Any suggest , recommendation? - I'm sure there will somepoint can improve I want also improve my skill. Copper-pour in bottom , signal is top have advantage/disadvantage?

trace = 30mil  - Original thinking is 25mil for power , 20 for signal. (Current drive LED is not    over 1.6A , the rest is 1-10mA) but then I see a lot of free area so I increase... 30mil 

clearance = 10mil (think later it might be too close then I try later 15mil also pass)

grid - I use 150mil , 100mil fist layout coarse component then fine it 100mil , 50mil , 25mil. I mainly use 50mil , 25mil layout trace only some for fine then 12.5mil

copper-pour - clearance 20mil , line width 20mil , min area 1550mil2  // connect GND // 4-spoke45
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Re: Pls feed back my PCB design : PIC12F uC project
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Say something na   :scared:

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