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Protel 99se SP4 on Win 10 Home

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Has anyone here managed to get Protel 99se running in Windows 10 Home edition? I've installed it and it loads and runs OK, but if you try to load an existing project it doesn't do anything and if you try to start a new project it hangs/crashes.

No, I have Client98 which I usually run on XP. I have just installed it on Windows 10. It seems fine. I only work with PCB files.
I must add for other users, a more convenient way to pan is to set the side button on a Microsoft mouse as the Home key.

Hmm, how are your permissions/administration/security setting configured?

It's running fine now, but only if I right click on the desktop icon to load and click "run as administrator", as suggested here:


However the suggested fix for normal (non administrator) running, half way down that page under "Adjust Compatibility Settings", doesn't work for me because in my version of win 10 the "Compatibility" tab in any .exe files "properties" folder doesn't exist. I've stuffed around with the security settings to no avail and right clicking the desktop program icon and then selecting "trouble shoot compatibility" doesn't respond with anything.

Mine is Windows 10 Home. I do have the Compatibility tab in the Properties for the Client98 icon.
There are 3 entries in the Permission entries, all Allowed with Full control, System, Administrators and another that has my name followed by my email address in brackets.
I try to ignore these areas of the OS.

I installed it on another computer, Windows 10 Pro this time. I'm signed in on a local Administrator account. Client98 works first up.
The Compatibility tab is present with no boxes checked.


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