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Qucs Studio - Status?

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Visited the web page for Qucs Studio to see if there was any news
and went on to the forum section.

Just a whole lot of spam/faked accounts.

Anyone know if the development has ended?


I'm using QucsStudio from Linux, through WineHQ, and it works just fine.

I like QucsStudio because it can attach sliders to components, and visualize the results live, while dragging the sliders' values with the mouse (this feature is called "Tune").  Other than that, I prefer LTspice, which is free to use for non-commercial and is maintained by a company (QucsStudio has only one developer).

Yes - I use it too. The version that is listed on the the home page.

The reason why I asked is because the webmaster obviously does not visit his own home page.
No-one would allow all that c--p be posted in the forum section for more than a few days.

One spam entry is dated 5 weeks ago.

At least to me, it seems that the project has been abandoned.

Maybe the project is abandoned, but it's a finished product that still works.  Why updating if it works.  ;D

It is a one man show software, free to use, and not open source.  So, unless the developer will need extra features, and be kind enough to publish them, most probably the current version is the most we'll get.

I think QUCS, which is not the same as QucsStudio, is still developed.  Has about the same appearance, maybe some extra tools, except last time I've checked QUCS didn't have sliders (the tune feature).

Qucs is abandoned, QucsStudio is still updated regularly, there's also Qucs-S which is updated even more regularly.


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