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Question: Self-hosted EDA projects


Some months ago I read about a project called MeowCAD (https://meowcad.com/), which is an open source self hosted eda. It seemed an interesting option for being able to design simple boards from a tablet on the go (obviously not for serious projects), but, after giving it a try, it seemed quite limited and it didn’t work particularly well with a touchscreen.

However, after trying jupyterlite (https://jupyterlite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/), which is a version of Jupiter that runs entirely in the browser thanks to wasm, I thought that it would be amazing to be able to run an eda like kicad entirely in the browser or as a progressive web app. Unluckily, it doesn’t seem to be possible to compile gtk easily with emscripten.

On the other hand, QT already provides support for being compiled into wasm, so it might be possible that some lesser known EDA could be converted into a pwa

Do you know if there is any self-hosted or wasm based EDA project?

Meow, my cat can finally do some layouting.

As mentioned in another topic


EasyEDA is a free hosted system to make your schematics and PCB's.

For me it works good enough.

You can also download a offline version, but I never used that.


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