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Recommended PCBA Houses in Shenzhen


Hey All,

I'm going to be having some PCB manufactured and assembled in Shenzhen. Production quantities around 1k-10k units. Pretty usual stuff, 2-4 layers, no BGAs or anything complicated. Some thru, some SMD, wires assembled.

There are so many places, and I've had mixed results with some of the places I've dealt with in the past for smaller batches (~100 pcs).

Never gone to any Chinese manufacturers before for any large volumes. I was hoping to  source some recommendations for board houses in the Shenzhen / Dongguan area that have produced good results for anyone in the past. 

We are a leading PCB trading company, we have the reasonable factory can satisfy your meets,  if you don't mind cooperating with trading company, Maybe you can send your gerber file and BOM list for price apprasial .



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