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I made another digital chaos, does it works? I know it is missing the radio reciever circuit, that is connected through designated connector. The board has an emergency beacon in case of getting stuck somewhere or power failure, additional research is needed for the frequency permitted for this application (the frequency on the project is permitted for amateur use in Estonia though). I added .zip compressed .pcb file from ExpressPCB program used to do it for better overview of it. I planned it to be a remote control vehicle to dispatch for longer periods outside, so solar panel for charging is planned on top of the device. The oddly placed pins are for LED board from some soviet TV control panel. The schematic was found from internet and is modified a little bit.

The traces coming from X1-2 are too close to each other. I don't really understand what this board is for but I think it drives some motors. I like the idea of an emergency beacon.

Edit: to make the battery last longer with the beacon, leave the beacon on for like 250ms then off for 250ms and repeat. Modify your locator circuit to make it work like that. You will save 50% of the power with no major disadvantages.

As Ivan said the traces up the top for the TV panel are too close together.

Is that a crystal top right corner? I see its connected to the beacon?

Maybe a schematic of the circuit so we can see what is happening?

Looks ok from here, but with out a schematic we can say if it will work or not.


I'm making the schematic tomorrow morning (midnight), the TV board consist only 8 red leds with voltage around 2V and current of 20mA max, the supply is 12V, there's 7805 regulates it to 5V for IC. Edit to those traces are going to be implement, thanks for suggestion. It's a crystal oscillator at top corner that has output connected to former switch common plate above led's as antenna. The pcb is missing motor connectors  :-[ .
Edit: Schematic is ready, modification on PCB has been implemented._

I would be building the circuit on some bread board first before going and making the pcb. not sure about the antenna onthe crystal arangment.  :-DMM


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