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Review of EasyEDA pcbs
« on: February 15, 2017, 07:33:51 pm »
Review of EasyEDA pcbs.

I did not use there online design software just submitted my own gerbers.

Four layer
~50 x 94 mm
1.2mm thick, 1-OZ copper
6/6-mil outer (0.1525mm)
8-mil clearance inner (0.2032mm)
Smallest drill 12-mil (0.3048mm)
ENIG (gold)
One internal cut out
And a solder paste stencil, combined top and bottom layers.

They have an excellent gerber viewer when you upload your zipped gerbers.

After placing the order there was no email, but the web page went from ORDERED to PROCESSING to SHIPPED with a tracking #

Ordered Feb 6 just after holiday so they were likely backed up.
Boards shipped in 8 days received them the next day in USA by DHL.
Received one extra board.

I did not receive the solder paste stencil. I have messaged them about that.
Overnight shipping is no good if you do not get the stencil.

The boards look great. The internal cutout is correct.
Non-plated holes are not plated.
Vias that I had tented & not-tented are correct.
Copper traces are perfect.

Drills are centered perfect.
Silk (both sides) is spot on, 45-mil(1.14mm) high 6-mil(0.1524mm) wide text, very good looking.
Solder mask (both sides) is excellent. Could be off by 2-mils(0.05mm)
I had 4-mil oversize on solder mask, On 19.68-mil(0.5mm) pitch parts I think I should have had ~6-mil(0.1525mm)of mask between pads, the mask id gone.

I do not see evidence of flying probe testing but they could have used optical.
Well the stencil came 14 days after order by DHL.
They did use my solder paste gerber, not derive one from the top metal layer.
Very disappointed. I had merged top and bottom solder paste layers into one gerber that fit the stainless steel easily.
They striped the bottom part out (extra work for them).
Four drilled pads were added (not in my gerber)
They changed the shape of 0805 and 1206 pads.
They removed three alignment pin holes.
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Re: Review of EasyEDA pcbs
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 07:52:22 am »
I have had mixed success with them.  They are capable of producing high quality boards etc, but human errors have plagued a couple of my orders.

The upshot is every time I've written to their support email address with pics of what they've done wrong, and they've been very apologetic and did everything they could to resolve the issue.  My last order they gave me credit for the entire order and shipping cost.

So I'm still happy enough using them where they're the best price/time option, but I'd think twice if the order was needed urgently and had to be right the first time.

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