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Ray CI:

Can anyone recommend an editor that can sketch schematic diagrams, capture text and write math formulas AND is fairly lightweight and preferably free?

My projects are mainly documented in handwritten notebooks and I'm looking for a computer-based editing alternative.   When documenting a design or project, I typically grab screenshots (from KiCad, LTspice etc) and cut/pasting into Word documents.  This is a pain because the MS Office tools really struggle with math equations.

Is there any kind of note-taking software designed for engineering students?   Can anybody recommend some options without having to use something like a heavyweight CAD application?

Thanks in-advance for any/all ideas and thoughts.


What difficulties do you have with the standard equation editor in MS Word?
(I use the Word in MS Office 2019.)

Ray CI:

--- Quote from: TimFox on May 29, 2023, 03:41:04 pm ---What difficulties do you have with the standard equation editor in MS Word?
(I use the Word in MS Office 2019.)

--- End quote ---

A:  It does not have an integrated method of including schematics.

I also use Word (and Powerpoint and sometimes Visio) and the process is slower than molasses in January.



I use Abacom's sPlan 8, unfortunately not free tho', (altho' you might be able to use the "demo" version and capture the result as a "screenshot") which you can use to design both the circuit diagram parts and the equations (sPlan  8 has Unicode support so you can use fonts with Greek letters), you can export them as jpeg/bmp or in vector format as svg, which Office 2016 and later can import as one graphic!

If you need root symbols, integral symbols, etc., etc., it's very easy to draw them using line and bezier tools, and then position the equation text to suit – far less aggro than trying to use Word's Equation Editor!

I use "sPlan 8" for all the diagrams in my T & M.Theory and Repair Book I'm writing, and my only connection with Abacom is as a very satisfied user!

I think "XCircuit", which the Chinese often use, and its free, will also do what you need, altho' you may need to design your own root symbols, etc!

Chris Williams

But, does it contain "an integrated method of including schematics" ?


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