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Schematic symbols, footprint libraries and 3D models for any CAD software!

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Recently I found a very interesting website which I decided to share here. it holds the library information (I think around 15,206,168 so far) of many electronic components (schematic symbol, footprint, 3D, datasheet). even if the component does not exist in the database, it can be designed online quickly, or it could be ordered to be designed for free!

At least from today, I will not waste my time to design footprints and/or schematic symbols. I can remember my mistakes in the footprint design or PINs order and frustrations afterward :horse:


Yes, it is run by SamacSys who are based in the UK.

I've found the easiest way is to search for the part on Mouser (who have partnered with SamacSys), then select the associated ECAD model & you will be sent off to the appropriate download containing the schematic, footprint & 3D.

More can be found here:

meh .. another one of these 'promise the sk'y but deliver mediocre symbols and footprints.

Fire Doger:
Altium test:

1: Doesn't directly support Altium (a message said they work with them etc...)
To import to AD you use data for PADS library (http://www.samacsys.com/altium-designer-library-instructions/)

2: For QFN they used round pads covered by a cooper plane??  :wtf:
Its a gamble to use this footprint  :-/O
Maybe manufacturer sends an email to verify
If they don't you get a pad covered with soldermask and if you need stencil you get a round blob of paste instead of proper square...  :-//

That thing is broken, at least for Altium.

that's my gripe too when i tested them out :
-import using pads intermediate format
-no step files
- wrong pad shapes
- wrong layer association
- doesn't follow any IPC guideline


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