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Selecting a power supply for a DC DC converter


Hi all,

I have a PCB with this DC-DC converter I am trying to find a power supply for.

Is it better to supply a lower or higher voltage in the stated input range ? Or does it not matter at all ?

Which of these is more suitable ?



Or is there another product I should be looking at ?

If you would like context on the project,


Thanks !

It shouldn't matter. its rated at 38-55v, anything in that range with enough current capability should be fine.
I would be going with 48V as it is very common, and it is in the upper middle of the input voltage range - likely to be more efficient too.

This sounds like a waste of time to me, rather than buying a power supply to work with this DC-DC converter, you should buy a 12V 20A power supply and be done with it.

Your power supply is likely designed for telecom applications. 48V is the standard telecom supply voltage and there is a lot of equipment designed for it. You'll find plenty of power supplies for 48V, just google it.

I sort of agree with Hero999, if your objective is to get to 12V, then a 12V supply costs the same or is cheaper than a 48V supply. Mostly because 48V has mostly industrial applications, where for12V you'll find lots of consumer stuff too.

Your best bet may be to sell it on Ebay...

Perhaps, but I'm way too curious now.

The reason I don't bypass the converter is because there are other converters on the board sharing the input line and I also want to power them. I think you are right it is quite probably telecom equipment, 48v is correct.

With this power supply though I am wondering what use it was designed for. The store sells equipment for cars and trucks. Is the output of this supply stable enough for digital equipment ? There is a long list of specs on the page but I'm not sure which are relevant.



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