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SmtAssistant - A software tool to assist with manual loading of pcb boards


Found this while on the Labcenter forum, this is from the PDF


--- Quote ---What is SmtAssistant ?
SmtAssistant is a simple but useful software which help you to locate a given part on a
printed circuit board (PCB), based on a graphical bitmap of the PCB and a pick-list file
(PKP file).
The PKP file is a text file generated by nearly all CAD softwares. It defines the position and
orientation of each part of the circuits. Usually this PKP file is used by automatic pick &
place machines, but there are situations when you can use it "manually" :
--- End quote ---

Looks like it could be a useful tool when populating boards

Short Circuit:
Interesting, and potentially very useful.

I have been using SmtMeastro occasionally ( http://www.smtinfo.net/smtmaestro/smtmaestro.html ), unfortunately,
it does not allow a silkscreen view from gerber or bitmap, so this tool is not the most convenient for high density boards.


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