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hi guys
Just wanted to know what you think about the 3D cad program.

thanks Matt

Not much to think really.
If you want to get anything manufactured these days your product will have to go through SW at some point.
So learn it early and learn it well but don't forget to learn the competition as well otherwise you may be locked in.

It's great.

Ask better questions and you'll get better answers. What do you want to know about SolidWorks?

Solidworks has been pretty much the industry standard solid modelling package for mechanical CAD.  Its ok for small projects or single parts and is used by many businesses and taught by many universities. 

Increasingly other packages are becoming more common - e.g. many auto manufacturers use Catia because its better for large assemblies, I know Red Bull F1 team use Siemens NX and there is always Autodesk Inventor.

If you use or learn Solidworks for small projects its hard to go wrong.  If you are a student you can get a free version of Inventor and normally if your university has an agreement with Dassault you can get a free version of Solidworks.  Good luck getting a legitimate free trial of Catia or NX.

I have used SW since its beginning so I may not be completely objective ;) and me saying I think it is very intuitive is a joke since I have been conditioned by the program. But I go to SW user group meetings and hear many happy converts from all the other cad systems so its not just me. I think it is by far the best in class. I personaly pay $1350.00 a year to stay current and it is worth every penny. Autocad has its place and is the top dog in many areas but not in 3D mechanical design. Solidworks has the momentum, user base, and corporate attitude necessary to stay on top. It pays attention to customer input and the vast majority of enhancemants are user requests.  Solid works can handle assemblies larger than most companies work with but you would not design a 747 with it.  You cant go wrong choosing SW as a personal cad package.

Catia owns SW and is a more for large corporation huge project type use.


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