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Have a project that needs to get a PCB fabbed and partially assembled. The PCB will be a usual 4 layer about 6" square, and one design will use a AD5535B which is a 124 pin BGA, and the other will use a AD5380 which is a 100 pin LQFP. We can't mount these parts and will need to have them mounted, the rest of the boards can be assembled here at the labs.

Normally we use EasyEDA & JLCPCB, but the footprint is not available for the AD5535B in EasyEDA format (I believe since I couldn't find it), and JLCPCB doesn't handle assemble of either the AD5535B or AD5380. The other PCBS for the project will be the usual JLCPCB which we assemble ourselves.

Any recommendations/help are appreciated.


Check out MacroFab.com.


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