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Statistics are cool, let's make our own: Which PCB tool do you use frequently?

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--- Quote from: madires on July 09, 2012, 07:29:09 pm ---Hi!

I got BAE light and the Eagle free version. Both are ok but not great. BAE has a lot of professional features which Eagle lacks. Recently Eagle added support for having a pin (of a symbol) connected to multiple pads (of a package). I need that feature to have the option to place a 100 or 200mil through-hole capacitor on the PCB. Before that I had to create 3 pin caps - that's insane!  There's more of that kind. On the other side Eagle has a very nice UI which BAE lacks. So I use Eagle mainly and hope the missing features will be added.


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Not sure how BAE works but generally if I need to do something like this I just add a couple of vias and associate them with the nets on the existing part then just toss in a straight line route.  Works like a charm in the few eda packages I've used; mainly protel 99, circuitmaker, ultiboard.  So just thought I'd toss that out as a possible work around.

I've used BAE professional for many years. It works well but I wish it was more mainstream as I have very few people to share the experience with.

Altium at work, DipTrace non-for-profit edition at home for my own projects. That way if i ever decide to make my own projects for sale, I can actually afford an upgrade to a full license ;)

Currently using Kicad and will probably continue to do so for quite long time.
Started with Eagle free but then had to do some PCBs for work and decided to learn Kicad as it is free in every sense and I could use it for work without any license problems or board size limitations. It is also really easy to keep the files in formats that can be opened in multiple platforms by anyone interested.


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