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Statistics are cool, let's make our own: Which PCB tool do you use frequently?

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I'm just curious about PCD "marked share" among the EEVblog audience...  ;) :D

Eagle free version. I can't get on with the "free only" software for some reason. And the "paid only" are usually too expensive.

Eagle hobbyist edition here.

i see 4 votes for 'others' but no names ....

and you can only vote for one tool.. i sometimes use Pads , Allegro , Boardstation , CB5000 ( Zuken ) and some others as well. depends on the customer i am working with. i am not 'fluent' in any of those but can do enough to naviate the layout , move parts and reroute things to make a better layout.

So i gave the vote to my 95% worktime / 100% hobby time tool : altium.


--- Quote --- i see 4 votes for 'others' but no names ....
--- End quote ---
OK sorry. Proteus (a UK package) .. been using it for ~20 yrs (and tried many others). I love the ease of use, kinda like WYSIWYG
They used to have a free beginner / hobby version (maybe it can still be found?), they do have a few levels though, so you can
start with what you need. Did I say, I love it :-)


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