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I'm stuck again.
Thinking I'm happy to have saved the file in STEP AP203, STEP AP214 and IGES, they tell me that the curves of the holes and cone holes for screws are planes and not curves.
That I should do the drawing in Solid, not in CAD. and my brain explodes when I see the number of software options.
I naively took the tinkercad and thougt that is a piece of cake, and results in a piece of ... other thingy.
any ideas or help will be appreciated.
I can't post the SETP file because is 55MB (8 MB compressed)

TERRA Operative:
If your STEP file is 55MB, it's either a really complex design, or it's actually polygons, hence the mention of faces and not curves.

Can you scratch out a drawing, even on paper and take a photo and upload it so we can see what it is?
If it's simple and you provide dimensions, I might be able to draw it up if it won't take more than a few minutes.

My advice is go back to your initial CAD file (tinkercad in your case)k export each model as an stl (pikcing among any options tinkercad gives you for resolution, if it says something like "how many sides ought to define a 360 degree circle" pick something like 48 to get a reasonable curve without excessive file size). Then knowing what you know about the stl file's dimensions use that laser slicer script to make one slice through each stl at a height half way up the stl's height. Your situation is 2d so dxf is suitable, I wouldn't be surprised if FreeCAD might be able to make a 3d extruded STEP file (albeit not very editable as it would have come from a dxf consisting of lines rather than from procedural CAD descriptions) if you imported the dxf to it.

TERRA Operative:
I have the files from DenCraw, spent just a little time so far rebuilding the files as solid objects, wasn't too hard as they are simple shapes and they are all looking nice and clean now. :)
Just need to know what font is used for the text, and for the logo I just need a vector or outline or even an image could be maybe be used.

TERRA Operative:
Hooo boy, that 3D design was all over the place.... :P
STL rounding errors, holes not aligned, even some holes were made to be blind when they shouldn't.... The file needed a complete redraw. :-DD

Anyway, once I know the font used, I'll have it finished in a snap and it'll be perfect. :)

If getting it CNC'd you will find a lot of the detail in the text and logo will be lost due to the minimum radius of the cutting bit used (and thinner cutting bits means slower machining speed which means higher production cost), I would suggest a simple font if you wanted engraved text or maybe look into screen printing or inkjet or similar for the text and logo etc.


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