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Hi, good morning here.
The font is BEBAS NEUE.
Ill attach it to this message.

Regarding the miss aligned holes.
I am new to the software so i select tinkercad because naivly tought that can cope with my goals.
I discover the aligment tools so i have started by a selected point as a reference.
the grid was always on 0.01mm which is the minimum for tinkercad.
I thought the alignment was perfect.

Your job overwelmed me. I thank you so much this hand you bring me .

see you

TERRA Operative:

Are you sure that is the correct font? It doesn't seem to match very well...

Sorry. I thought you were referring to the logo font.
That font is Sans Mono.

TERRA Operative:
Still doesn't match. I'm about to give up here if I can't get the right info from you......


I found one that match better with tinkercad font.
same name.


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