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Stop using 0603 or bigger resistors and capacitors?

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If the shortages were easy to predict, everybody would be making big money playing the game of buying and selling. In reality, it's very hard to predict. Any such attempt will only backfire (except by luck). The only two real solutions, really, are;

1) Be ready to adapt new components, packages, etc., on a quick cycle, using what is available now, not trying to see what is available half a year from now,
2) Order everything you need in early stage of design so that you can start the layout work etc. once you have the parts. Yes, you need to stock for a long time. Yes, this sucks and you need capital for the inventory and lose money if you have to change design midway or fail to sell all units.

OTOH, if you now decide 0603 is bad and design with a 0402 part the opposite may happen and you find yourself redesigning with 0603 parts because they now suddenly are available better.

Quite frankly, if you can't handle 0402 in a professional setting being a pro designing for living, for a product to be professionally manufactured, you are not up to the task. This is the state of the art integration size of late 1980's and extremely commonplace already early in 2000's. When talking about hobby, I accept some people have difficulties with 0402 size, still I recommend to at least try until you are sure you can't learn to use this size. Prototyping for professional work, OTOH, doesn't need to be enjoyable or fun, some components can be PITA to solder, it's still 0.01% of design time so doesn't make significant productivity issue.


--- Quote from: Siwastaja on July 08, 2021, 03:29:22 pm ---If the shortages were easy to predict, everybody would be making big money playing the game of buying and selling. In reality, it's very hard to predict.

--- End quote ---

Yes. Not only that, but making predictions inevitably impacts the outcome, particularly if you make them known and are half-credible.

Regardless of the shortage and that some assembly operators do not have the capacity to handle 0201
there are another thing to consider. When using ceramic capacitors, it could be tempting to use
as small as possible since there are materials with high volume efficiency like Y5V or Z5U.
The problem is that the capacitance are temperature dependant and also exhibit piezo-electric
properties. For professional use, I always go with NP0/C0G for smaller values and X7R för larger.
Choosing that for start, results in larger sized capacitors. But I do agree: It can be very difficult
to place these inside the court-yard of the secondary side of a board populated with BGA's...

I still use 0805 (1206 for precision ones) and do to 0603 only if need smaller parts. No issues with availability.

Below 0603, resistors are not marked.

Where are you getting this data from Treez?

0805/1206 still readily available - huge numbers of designs use them (including us), they'll be here for many decades to come. Use the size parts that suit your application! Our typical 0805 pad can take a 1206 and also an 0603, 0603 can also take an 0402, etc...

Head-in-pillow defects are usually a result of poor-wetting, if you are getting these defects the fault probably lies with solder paste type (& age) and reflow profile.


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