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suitable PCB strategy question


Hello, in the attached schematics i have multiple Ic's.
In order to make the PCB optimal i have placed all IC bias PLUS's on one side and minuses on the aother side as shown in the attached photos and ALTIUM files.
given this strategy what is the best place to put the connector?

i think j1  should be the opposite side

when you get many crossing lines over items,   some rework is needed   if you want to keep  pcb layers count low  2 layers vs  multiples

parts placement / surroundings etc ... / rotation can help too

This is a very simple PCB. Combined with the fact that 2 layer PCB's are the same price as single layer PCB's routing is pretty much trivial in this case. For the connector, I would pick a place that is convenient for plugging in the connector in your applications.

When PCB's get more complex the goal is to reduce the amount of ratsnest lines crossing each other. A much more important consideration is to use a good GND plane on your PCB. I've seen many PCB's with badly designed GND planes, for example by tracks cutting the GND plane into little pieces.

I'm just a hobbyist and don't deal with high frequencies.  I generally route everything except VCC and GND first.  In fact, I tend to hide those airwires.  Once signals are done, placement is very important, I turn to VCC and make adjustments, if reasonable.  Finally I do ground usually as a pour.  VCC can be kept direct and wide on the bottom layer.  I am sure others may disagree, but my boards have have worked OK for me.


Hello , I have added +15V and -15V and done polygon pour.
also i added two resistors which are not in the schmatics (i changed the netlist :-) )
I have signal and DC routing on the buttom layer.
DC and signal needs ground on the top level to funcrion properly.
Given my situation below, will the signal path which is routing from teh ground will function properly?
PCB file is attached.
Photos of the PCB and me explaining the pcb is attached
Video of me explaining is attached in the link.


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