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Take a look at my newly improved PCB viewer / Gerber Viewer

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Windows UI, Internal layers STEP, new Flattening ---> version 2.0

Download: https://www.zofzpcb.com/Gerber-Viewer-Download.html

Very clever software and very pretty drawings too.
However never had a use for a 3d PCB viewer.
I just make sure my library component outlines are correct in the first place.

I guess that means you don't need to trouble yourself with this, then.

For somebody who never uses 3d viewers you sure do like to post a lot in this thread nigelwright7557


A lot of bug fixes. UI and flattening/triangulation.

new features:

* marking and measurements between multi-selected objects (like two tracks) https://www.zofzpcb.com/Measurements-Table
* STEP export where objects are grouped by Net. Should be helpful for EM-FEM SimulationThere will be no hotfix/updates for a couple of months now - I have started ODB++ and a bunch of functionality related to handling multiple PCBs, like comparison and piggy-back arrangements.

I have started a Users' Forum 8)  https://www.zofzpcb.com/forum/ - please visit, and register, of course - don't let me down!

FREE License Program for Open-Source-Hardware designers https://www.zofzpcb.com/reg/OSH-Free-License

The net-ordered STEP export image:

And the use-case:

see https://www.zofzpcb.com/Gerber-to-STEP-Export for details.


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