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Take a look at my newly improved PCB viewer / Gerber Viewer

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Adding IPC356 bare board flying probe test file, enables design browsing and components display. At the moment, there is no component library. Instead I am guessing using geometry of pads and components designator names from IPC356 testpoints. There is also a cross-check interface to OrCad schematic, see youtube video:
2 screen crosscheck
Free download zofzpcb.com

Interesting.  I hadn't seen your program before.  For others equally ignorant, here is a link.


Your software looks interesting, but your EULA scares me to shit pure steel bricks.

Why are you so restrictive on freeware? I don't get it!

What about FOSS and Linux support?

If memory serves, there's a thread on here somewhere where Free_Electron and the OP exchanged ideas to improve it a year or so ago

Judging from those images, it looks like it has come a long way since then :-+

At first glance it looks great! good job!

The EULA is not that bad, it's freeware and you can basically do anything you want with it except sell it, decompile it, or otherwise try to figure out how it works.   Other than those restrictions, it's not that bad for a EULA.

It's not FOSS. 

I am running it on Linux, and it runs OK under Wine.  So far no major problems, and I've tried many features.  The application says it uses DirectX 9 and  Wine emulates/translates DirectX calls so it runs fast and is quite usable  There is some font issues that make the text of the menus difficult to read. I've never had font issues under Wine before, so I attribute this to the home-brew menu system this application is using.

I would love to see the cross-probing interface opened up, so that someone can plug it into KiCad.

Good job @zofz !


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