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I made a tool that takes a board's gerber files to semi-automatically generate a 3D-printable model and a KiCAD PCB template for a pogo pin test fixture. You can download a Makefile project template from github or use the online version at

The tool works by first exporting the gerbers into an Inkscape SVG template for you to manually draw pogo pin locations and test fixture cutouts into. From that SVG the tool then generates a 3D model for the PCB holder with holes and indents in all the right places, and a KiCAD PCB with the outline for a backing PCB going below the plastic PCB holder with pads for soldering the pogo pins already in the right locations. You can directly print the 3D model, and you could either directly have the KiCAD PCB manufactured if you just want to solder wires directly to the pogo pins and use the backing PCB only as a mechanical mount, or you could add your own connectors and traces to the backing PCB. I've attached a render of a generated plastic jig and PCB to this post.

Since the intermediate step is just an Inkscape SVG there is also an empty template if you want to start with something other than gerbers such as a screenshot from your PCB tool or even a scan or photo of a physical PCB. In that case you just have to make sure everything is to scale and there is no distortion.

Do you think you might use pogo pin test fixtures even as a hobbyist now that this mostly automated tool is available?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments and I'm open to suggestions.
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