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Tina-TI, Mindi, LTSpice, or what?

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Recommend free circuit simulation software?  I'm coming back to circuit design after a few years away from it and notice that Tina-TI (which I was using) hasn't been updated in a long time and doesn't even support TI's newer opamps (unless I've overlooked something).   I'm wanting to simulate mainly simple opamp and discrete transistor analog circuits.  Having a good simulation of a 555 is a plus (Tina-TI does). 

(I explained to my wife that Tina and Mindi are not women, and if I ask a search engine whether Tina or Mindi is better, I get strange stuff :) )

I see that alongside Tina-TI (last revised 2018), Texas Instruments also has PSPICE-for-TI, which I'm checking out now...

I'm using TINA-TI and LTspice. Usually, if I need a quick answer to a simple problem, I use LTspice.

For more detailed simulations (phase margin, noise, ...) I use TINA-TI as most of my op amps are TI parts. I also favor the approach of placing "meters" (TINA-TI) over probing net names (LTspice) as net names might change when modifying a circuit yielding results you didn't expect.

Newer TI parts usually have a TINA-TI model available on their respective product page. You just need to download and import them into TINA-TI.

What is the best way to import a downloaded model into Tina-TI?

I've been using Tina-TI for the past years. Its a few version behind the actual Tina, that I've been eyeing to buy for a while now. The issue is that I don't really have a good overview of which parts of the software would be useful, and which one isn't.


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