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Tina-TI model of simple oscilloscope CRT



I am trying to recreate a circuit in Tina-TI.  It is the final x-amplifier for an oscilloscope.  So far, the model works well, with the exception of the output waveform voltages.  I suspect adding a model for the CRT horizontal plates would fix this.  Right now the outputs to the CRT are just open in the model.

Any info would be appreciated.


One thing that annoys the crap of me is their stupid restriction of only 3 probes if you use any external (non-TI) models in your circuit :box:

Tina is a good product. Tina TI is a limited version of Tina as far as I know. You may be able to do all you need in the full version of Tina, from www.tina.com.

What would you model the CRT as?

Typically it's just a few pF; if you're having DC bias issues it ain't gonna be this.



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