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LTspice24 - user libraries and Search Paths in the Settings
« on: March 10, 2024, 11:19:07 am »
Hi, could somebody kindly advise me how to use the "user libraries"?
Especially how to set the paths in the Settings->Search Paths.
I did my best but not found the trick.
I have libs with transistors and diodes (standard.bjt and standard.dio) from the XVII, want to use them in 24.
I tried to set all possible paths in the Settings->Search Paths to the old libs, but still I get the stock 24 offer when picking up a transistor.
So far I've simply overwritten the stock ones, and I can pickup my BC337-40 now (for example), but that is not the solution, sure.
Win10 here.

PS: I've renamed them to "user.dio" and "user.bjt" with no luck.

Sooo, it seems the .dio .bjt etc. files have to be indeed named user.dio user.bjt etc.
the "User libraries directory" has to be set into your library "..\lib\cmp" containing them (for example)
the files in original folder
have to be deleted, otherwise I get the stock offer again..  :palm:
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