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Using sockets instead of components

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New here to the forum and to EDA software and have a basic question when wanting to use sockets instead of actual components.

When designing the circuit the actual component is used in order to see / reference pin assignments, but then how does one switch over to using a socket for laying out the board?

I'm using EasyEda


Update: The component in question is D1A050000 8 pin through hole Reed Relay which has fewer pins then the corresponding socket. So I need to somehow swap out the relay for the socket during the board layout for proper hole placement and need to update things accordingly for the BOM.

you change the footprint of  the relay

It's best to start building your own library of components and hardware (e.g., sockets).  In the program I use, one draws a symbol and package separately, then associates the two to get a device.

As for your immediate question, you can add pins to the relay and mark them NC for not connected or subtract pins from the DIP socket and rename that the appropriate socket.  Pulling pins from a standard socket before assembly is really quite easy.  I would probably go the latter route as having extra space on a PCB may be helpful.  I am not aware of any instance in which it was a disadvantage.

Took a quick look and found a Footprint Manager in EasyEDA but yet to find a way to edit or modify it, have to keep looking.

Once I manage to create or modify the Footprint adding in the required pins so the board will have the correct hole placement, still not sure how to configure things so the BOM will reference the socket rather then the relay for the assembly process. Ideally would like to have both the Relay and Socket included in the BOM while somehow indicating that only the socket be soldered not the relay.


--- Quote ---Took a quick look and found a Footprint Manager in EasyEDA but yet to find a way to edit or modify it, have to keep looking.
--- End quote ---
https://docs.easyeda.com/en/PCBLib/PCBLib-Edit/index.html or to create your own https://docs.easyeda.com/en/PCBLib/PCBLib-Create/index.html

However in this instance if its a standard ic socket add a chip that uses the base your after to the circuit diagram,hit tools-footprint manager  ,you'll see your components listed,click on the chip you added and the footprint  it uses  should appear in the search box,copy the contents of the search box ,select your relay and paste the copied text into the search box,find it on the drop down list ,double click and it should then be associated to the relay,next up change the component pin assignment in the same window so the pins on the relay go to the right socket pins.go back to the circuit diagram,delete the chip you added,job done.


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