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Variations in copper thickness on PCB messing up PCB milling.

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   Sounds pretty similar to my experience, especially with cheap phenolic
board stock from AliExpress. One track is routed and another not more than
.25 " away didn't clear the copper to the board, just scored it with 
a Candle Height map.
  So without resorting to microscopes and such, here's a  sort of
band-aid workaround with which I've saved a few boards.  To use it
however, your routed board must remain clamped to the bed of your
CNC machine unmoved. Do your ohmmeter checks or visual inspection
with the board in place.

...pardon the jerky production values.


Github link + more info there.

    Another method for phenolic board which worked surprisingly well
was just to tap two traces showing a short with a several amp 12v
source. Blasts out the small bridges with a visible spark.
    Though I should have used a charged capacitor bank for the
fr4 stock because the 'fun with electricity' method curled up some traces.


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