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Has anyone ever used a PCB with via in pad (capped via with copper)?
I'm using a BGA with small pitched 0.5mm because of this component shortage, even tought it's a 2 layer board but is the only package available, otherwise I'll have to rewrite the firmware.
The via in pad have holes of 0.15mm and a pad diameter of 0.3mm which not a lot of fab houses can do.

Does anyone know of a good (preferably not too expensive) pcb house that can do this boards in Europe?
I got a quotation from china around 200$ for 20 boards, I'm not expecting to find cheaper, but if I could find an EU manufacturer would ease things for me.

Eurocircuits can do this, choose via filling and it's suitable for via in pad.  https://www.eurocircuits.com


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