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What are the best PCB manufacturing companies ?

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Hi all,

Can I get your recommendations for companies that would manufacture a through hole double sided pcb ? Looking for optimum quality / cost balance. I am expecting it will be a Chinese company. Let me know your experiences and if possible give me an idea of how much you paid and for what so I can figure out the going rate for my design.

Thanks !

All companies are different in terms of pricing (some are based on board size, others by the number of boards...) but no matter which one you go to, it will depend greatly on what and how many you need. I can recommend BatchPCB for smaller prototype orders, and Gold Pheonix when you're ready to order in bulk. I'd take a quick look around though to see who offers the most appealing deal to you.

Most companies (inclusing the one(s) I've listed will do single or double sided boards with pads and vias; just make sure to check the manufacturing requirements for the company that you do chose; different places have different minimum trace widths etc.

You may want to try itead studio's Open PCB / PCB Prototyping service or seeed studio's  Fusion PCB service. I believe that unless your design uses bulky components (transformers, relays, large caps) or is very layout sensitive ( some very perverted mixed signal design) you probably can't get a more cost effective solution.

If you're looking to get the best possbile quote from a number of PCB Manufacturers and aren't too sure which ones to choose, this is a very helpful tool to use and get exactly what you want for free.

Use DFM Now! - www.dfmnow.com a free gerber viewer to run a DRC/DFM check and then selelct PCB Marketplace.
Helpful Online Tutorial -  http://bit.ly/Jt5EmO

Instantly you'll be able to select and receive your very own PCB Quote from Top PCB Manufacturers in USA, Canada and Asia.

The rest is up to you. It's a time saver - no more shopping around looking for the best price or service.

Iteadstudio and Seeedstudio are probably the cheapest services for low volume prototype boards.

Also have a read here in this similar topic:



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