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What CAD software should i use, i am a CAD noob


I wounder what CAD software i should use, because I got a very niche job for now, but most similar jobs I can imagine is burglar/fire alarm, industrial electrician low voltage, electrical automation low voltage stuff. 

The job i am going to do include following

* Mostly low voltage stuff, see 24VDC, but also a little bit of 230VAC circuits
* Differents types of low voltage lamps/LED etc
* Pressure sensors
* Different types of USB units
* Many different types 4-20mA sensorsBut mainly its not alot of different componets types in our systems, and for the most part 101 circuits stuff, at least at a the "system designer level" where i am at.
The hard part with this is there is always very very very many sensors in our systems, but also very very very many different parameter on each sensors (like cable marking, sensor name, alarm high/low limits, range, setpoints, units, hysteresis, SN numbers etc all this i call "component data").   

What i need is a CAD software that can do following things

* Have a very powerful/smart way of processing all the "component data"
* Can export the "component data" to csv or xls or smilar and present it like a cable list, with different pre setup parameters that is easly changeable "component data"
* Easy to use, the simpler the better
* Easy to draw schematics or auto generated schematics in custom input sheet/page.
* Easy to handle a lot of diffrent connections/cabling
* Nice if open source, not a must
I hope you all understand what i am after....

This maybe? One of my customers is using it for industrial wiring schematics.

Some of your requirements remind me to BIM programs (exporting data to cave, generating schematics, etc), like Revit. However, they tend to be a bit complex to use, as they can be used for many other things.

As you just need to make electrical diagrams, QElectroTech may fit your needs (not a BIM software, just an electrical eda package): https://qelectrotech.org/


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