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What do you think of my PCB design?

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First library part and "complex" 2 layer board I've done. I know the board looks a bit dodgy, but I plan on sorting out the routing (angles, clearance etc) before production. Also I'll add another segment to the board for a total of 5 :P.

Basically a 7 segment driver board using shift registers. Simple, I know but a very useful design to me.

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You are missing some findamentals. Read about bypass capacitors, how to route Vcc ang ground and about return currents. You want to route gnd and vcc first, with thick wires and close together. Also, your displays will all show the same number. Qh* is data out, which is Din to the next section.

Schematic rant: Overlapping text is bad. It makes a schematic look unprefessional and less neat. Try the smash function in Eagle to detach the component ref name from the symbol and move them to a spot where they don't overlap the symbols or other text while still maintinging that the name belongs to the symbol.


Good work!

There will always be things you can do to improve a design, but your board works (I haven't verified anything) than the rest is just bonus.

why use individual resistor ? switch to an array ! it makes routing and placing easier


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