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Where does LTspice keep its settings?

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I have created a custom color scheme for LTspice based on new MATLAB colors. I would like to have these setting on all my computers. Is there a file I can sync?

I am using OS X version of LTspice but if someone knows how this is saved in Windows version please also comment. OS X may use similar file structure.

Tac Eht Xilef:
On Windows it's in %APPDATA%\LTspiceIV.ini (e.g. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LTspiceIV.ini or similar, depending on the Windows version & setup).

On OSX ... hmmm, that's a bloody good question! I thought I found it under ~/.wine/drive_c/users/[user_name]/Application Data/LTspiceIV.ini, but that's for the old WINE-packaged versions. For the newer native versions from the past year or so, I couldn't find LTspiceIV.ini or anything obviously LTspice-related in the usual places (e.g. the app bundle, system & user application support folders, etc, etc).

Maybe ask ltspice@linear.com? And post the answer here :-+

Tried the email. It does not exist :( I tweeted them, maybe someone will respond.

Ask in the LTSpice group at Yahoo.

Thanks datumplane. I tried changing the keys using defaults and plutil but LTspice seems to ignore the changes.


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