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Where to find Tango PCB (DOS) version >= 3.00



I needed software "Tango PCB (DOS)" version >= 3.00

Where can find it .

I have version 2.20 and 2.30 but i needed to open file created with version 3.08 .

Someone help me to find it  or download from somewhere .

I know it's not ideal, but have you considered looking for converters, to convert from Tango format to other formats?

On a quick search, I found a Tango to Kicad converter, here's an Internet Archive link to the page from 2017, the download is archived and works : https://web.archive.org/web/20191022152746/https://www.purpleswift.com/Other/other.htm

On that page there's a mention of a software which can also convert the schematic to kicad format, here's a 2014 version of that page : https://web.archive.org/web/20140429061536/http://www.reniemarquet.cjb.net/ferramentas_en.html

sadly internet archive didn't archive the tokicad archive.

I just downloaded a 650kB "Tango2KiCAD.zip" from:


(And then promptly deleted it again from my linux box).

And according to oshpark there is also a tango -> Kicad written by Renie Marquet

Really both of the tools is not working with my files .

The files is in Binary format not in ASCII format , i am converting it with tool included in Tango 2.4 and it convert files without errors .

First Protel for windows support Tango files import and it open my converted to ASCII board , but have some issues with some components and track , this is may be caused from ASCII conversion or by some other .


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