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Why drill vias on PCB can reduce inductance ?

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Inductors in parallel reduce the equivalent inductance, similar to parallel resistors reducing the equivalent inductance.

Larger vias also have less inductance. So why use more vias over larger vias?

1. A lot of small vias may be easier to place on a board than a large via, especially if you have oddly shaped areas available.
2. Even though a larger via will have less inductance, the inductance reduction is roughly proportional to circumference. This increases linearly with radius, while area increases with the square of radius. So you're better off using a bunch of small vias over an equivalent area large via to reduce the net inductance as much as possible.

Because it provides multiple conduction paths. In order to reduce inductance you need to minimise the loop area between the trace and ground. If the chip's ground path is through a via on the opposite side of the board it will have a large loop area despite having the ground plane directly underneath. So, lots of vias to stitch the ground copper together can reduce the impedance.

Thanks everyone! I am trying to design a mini USB DAC and I rarely touch digital stuff. I am an Analog guy  :-/O

Isn't this kind of the analog side of digital anyway?


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