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Working model of 74HC244 for LTSpice?

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Does anyone have a working model of a 74HC244, reasonably accurate, for LTSpice?

I've found various Spice models for it that definitely don't work in LTSpice. I can't afford spending hours trying to figure this out at the moment. So has anyone done it yet? :)


Thanks. Yeah. I had found other similar libs, problem is they are not properly made to simulate the 74HC gates including power supplies. They are set up for fixed 5V Vcc.
What I'm interested in is simulating the "analog" behavior of those gates at various Vcc levels and most of all the transients when Vcc changes. Those cannot simulate that as far as I can see.

For such analogue behaviour, you might start with IBIS models.

You could presume the semiconductors were infinitely fast, and that ground bounce and similar was due to the LCR devices specified in The IBIS model.

IIRC MicroCap can digest IBIS models, but not LTSpice.

I'm less used to MicroCap than LTSpice, which is why I tend to default to the latter, but I did fire up MicroCap and spent a little time figuring this out and I could get what I want.

So, MicroCap it was. Great it has become free, but really a shame it's abandonware.


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