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[ATSAM] Interupt handling from scratch

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So having finally worked out how to address memory with pointers (thankyou to those that helped) I can now forgoe the manufacturers header files and use my own defines to just write/read the register memory locations.

So the next hurdle in this series is interupts. These too are address specific, so how do I get the compiler to put my interupt servicing routine at the right address?

You do it in a linker script. Pretty minimal example here, as usual. Actual functions can br located anywhere, but the vector table is fixed.

Also, not using manufacturer header files (or generated manually from SVD files) is a really bad idea.

OK, thank you but what is the linker and how did you create one?

ataradov: There is plenty of documentation on that stuff. You can start with the site mentioned in the article.

The linker script is here Mine is derived from the stock one.

OK so what have you actually done as I see most of the files are as supplied. How are your examples different from a fresh project in AS. Basically I am trying to have a project were I can setup my own accesses to the registers (memory) without clasting with existing naming in the atmel files.


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