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AAEON GENE-9455 rev B bios ??


By any chance  has anyone  has this board and could make an bios dump ??  I have a corrupted bios

No response from AAEON

Okay sorted out

Managed to get the AEC-6611 bios, it use the same gene-9455 board, flashed into my board, the computer restart fine,  but its missing the lpt port in the bios, the AEC-6611 doesn't have the lpt option,  i can live with that.

No AEC-6622 bios is available from Aaeon because many AEC-6622 are used for sales reports modules ...   you have to find an genuine gene-9455 board, do a bios backup  and flash it in the new computer, witch i dont have, i wont pay 150$ usd for a board ??


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